System Development

You use a lot of tools to keep your business running smoothly. Keeping everything working well together can take hours of time and energy. Fetch Data will work with you to organize all the pieces into an efficient, easy to manage web-based system that gets you out of the weeds and back to work.


Operations Consulting

Efficient and documented internal processes are vital to your business. Developing methods and monitoring implementation can be daunting. We work with your team to design efficient workflow and actionable dashboards to keep things running smoothly.

Platform Integration

Your data lives in a lot of different systems. Reducing redundancy and improving accuracy requires that systems talk to each other. We build integration tools that connect data across different storage platforms.


Data Analysis

You generate a lot of data every day. Figuring out how to use your production, purchasing, sales, customer service and internal efficiency stats to make informed decisions requires time and skill. We assess all data sources and create dashboards to bring meaningful information into your daily work.

Quick Base Support

Your Quick Base applications work every day to support your business. As your services grow and evolve, your apps and reporting should, too. We manage the routine maintenance and proactive enhancements that keep your apps running and your users engaged.


As a vendor I was ecstatic when my client started using Fetch Data. The level of thoroughness the system brings to the process is right on! I am able to have clear direction on my task and report back progress. Logistics are easy and transparent, avoid overlapping task with other team members and keep everyone in the KNOW."

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